Our Services

Our emergency unit provides ongoing services around the clock (24/7).

Catheter, Cerebral and Cardiovascular Unit: Stroke, cardiac surgeries and cardiovascular stents can be performed by the latest equipment in the Middle East. (developed by Philips International Corporation)

CT scan for scanning cerebral and cardiac arteries: one of the best cross-sectional x-ray equipment, developed by Philips International Corporation, which provides unique services to image cerebral and cardiac arteries in order to diagnose arterial insufficiency. It is considered as an alternative for catheter and it can conduct all CT scans.

Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): To scan the whole body very precisely. It is developed by Siemens Corporation.

Sonar: The latest version developed by Philips International Corporation as it provides all types of ultrasonic waves, echocardiography and 3D (three-dimensional) and 4D (four-dimensional) waves.

Laboratory: It is equipped with high quality devices to provide high quality tests and supervised by experienced consultants.

Operations rooms (OR) are based on the European style; where all modern and sophisticated surgeries can be performed using surgical navigators, laparoscopic, microscopic, laser and plastic surgeries, and limited surgical interventions. The hospital is equipped to provide sophisticated services in addition to a modern surgical microscope, advanced laparoscopies, mobile x-ray equipment and high quality devices. There is a sterilization unit with the latest devices to serve operating rooms. The quality of sterilization is daily checked . In addition, a biological check is conducted every week for sterilizers to ensure the efficiency and safety of the sterilization process so as to safeguard patients and achieve the highest level of sterilization. The operational staff enjoys more than ten years of experience in delicate surgery.

The hospital has one of the most advanced and highly developed intensive care units in Egypt. We provide specialized intensive care.

First unit: for emergency and accident injuries.

Second unit: for postoperative and critical medical cases.

Third unit: for neonatal care and treatment.

All units are fully equipped; having ventilators – mobile x-ray machine – defibrillator – ECG (electrocardiogram) apparatus – medical infusion pumps and infant incubators – and infant ventilators.

The unit is supervised by a professional staff of consultants and therapists in various fields to provide the highest level of medical care. It also has a trained nursing staff qualified for working in the intensive care unit.

The rooms are designed to assure patient comfort. They are equipped with all amenities (air conditioner – a personal bathroom – a telephone – internet access – emergency medical gases). There are highly equipped suits with a separate reception area to host visitors.

Moreover, the nursing staff are highly trained, efficient and experienced (Egyptian and foreigner).